Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Witchy Winter Walks



Hat - Primark
Bag - Primark
Rings - Antique
Bangles - Camden

Even though it's cold outside, when the sun is shining it's hard to resist going for a stroll. 

So on Saturday me and the boyfriend decided to take his Nan's boxer dog Poppy out for a walk in Wat Tyler park in Essex. 

With the sun slowly setting, and bare branches all around us, the woods had a Blare Witch Project vibe about them (who are these people leaving intricately built wooden dens lying around? Stop it! It's freaky!) which was quite apt considering my witchy attire. 

I saw the dress in H&M a while ago and anything black and lacy I have to have, but I'd been struggling to figure out how to style it. I loved it because it was such a statement, and I think that's what I needed to allow it to be. Keeping it simple with just a silver and black accessories helps the dress speak for itself. 

I honestly think the outside world looks it's best this time of year when the Sun's shining, so if you've got time, grab a crazy dog or a friend and get out there. 

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