Friday, 9 January 2015

My Favourite Blogs

Inspiration. Where would us bloggers be without it? Blogging is a universe in which everyone is inspired to inspire. As a result, we all have a selection of blogs that press our creative buttons. I thought I'd share some of my faves with you, cause I'm nice like that! 

*A few blogs fit into multiple categories. Let's just say they're all singing all dancing*

 Fashion / Style

Don't worry, the other categories aren't this long. When it comes to personal style and fashion, I could have an infinite number of inspirational sources. Styling possibilities are endless in my eyes, so the more on-trend eye candy I can absorb the better. I also think the style range among these is quite vast and varied. For example, I see Zoe London as the alt girl with mermaid hair and a wardrobe that exudes rock 'n' roll, whilst Hannah Louise F is understated elegance with a grunge twist. Then there's Kayla Hadlington whose fashion closely resembles the inside of a packet of Love Hearts. If you haven't heard of or seen Luanna Perez from Le-Happy, then you're seriously missing out. I want every single item of clothing she's photographed herself wearing. She also makes me miss my fiery dip-dye. 


I only really started to get into beauty when I started writing product reviews, which was about 2 years ago now, so quite a late bloomer. These ladies know their way around an eyeshadow palette, and helped me deal with the overwhelming labyrinth that is highlighting, contours, CC creams and god knows what else. Zoe London is always creating grunge eye looks and is a girl after my own heart when it comes to a crazy coloured lip! She Might Be Loved and her contouring skills leave me in awe every time and Lily Pebbles makes the best tutorials. 

I find the term 'Lifestyle' quite vague for a blogging category, but if you follow these 6, you'll have every aspect covered. I always go to Zoe London for restaurants in London, and the Beauty Crush because, well, she has a French Bulldog and I'm a bit obsessed. The Briar Rose Blog is the place for crafts and Cosplay (handmade costumes are THE BEST). From home decor to films and nights out, in these bloggers you should trust. 

Just the other day I had my travel hat on when writing my post Wanderlust: Places I Want to Visit. And that desire to explore never goes away when you follow these guys. Travelletes is for the stylish backpacker, covering everything from city breaks to festivals, whilst Girl vs Globe's adventures will make you want to pack your bags, step out you front door and never look back. 

Everyone loves a bit of food porn. I found Cook Books and Poetry on Instagram first, and then her blog, which I became glued to. Not only are her concoctions healthy and delectable, but they're works of art. You'll have to see it to truly understand where I'm coming from. Le Creme De La Crumb came into my life via Pinterest when me and Gabbie were looking for inspiration for our Christmas baking session. 80% of the recipes that came up were from there, and it's now a corner of the internet I venture to for goodies. 

Zoe London

Zoe London is here again for a specific reason: her personal posts. The notion of the personal is one thing that's slowly getting lost in the world of blogging, and this girl keeps it real. Her words are on a encouraging and strong. Let's just say she's put a few smiles on my face on a not so smiley day. 
Not planning on getting married any time soon, but there's nothing wrong with doing a little research. I've always known my wedding will be a little bit unconventional, but I could never quite define how. If you're the same, Rock n Roll Bride features the best in Pinterest-worthy, alternative weddings and they're all stunning. The blog has actually just recently released the first issue of its magazine, which you can pick up in most newsagents, 
I discovered I Love Crafty when I joined the Great Blogger Bake-Off. She organised the whole thing and her bakes were like something out of a Disney film.  Not only does she make and sell her own jewellery (which is adorable), but she's obsessed with mermaids. Who isn't?

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