Friday, 2 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

'New Year, New Me'.

One of my most hated phrases, and it's everywhere right now. Don't want to start off what's meant to be a positive post with a moan, but WHAT? 

I'm all for improvements and New Years resolutions, but no matter how bad the year has been, you shouldn't come out of it feeling that you need to change who you are. 

The way I see it, the New Year should be treated as the opportune moment for an update. An upgrade. Version 2.0. 

For me, 2014 wasn't the best of years, but it gave me the drive and determination to make certain changes in 2015 that will stop me from having another year like it. 

One of the saving graces of 2014 was this blog, and I'm so excited to be taking it to the next level. 

It's brought me so many opportunities, and taught me so much along the way, but most of all, it's opened my eyes as to what's really out there career-wise, and where I want my life to be heading. 

Personally, there's a few tweaks I need to make and things I want to achieve so I can feel better about myself both physically and mentally: 

Get rid of the Christmas indulgence bulge (obvs)
Drink more water (I am renowned among family and friends for going an entire day without anything to drink) 
Take up some form of regular exercise 
Find a new job that doesn't make me feel like I've just had my soul sucked out by a Dementor. 

I'm also hoping to blog a lot more regularly and get organised with everything so that you guys get more regular content. 

Oh and Youtube (eeeek) 

I've actually spent the last two weeks monging out and spending quality time with friends and family, but as of Monday, it's motivation stations, and I'll be keeping you updated with the progress. 

So much to look forward to!


  1. These are some great resolutions for the new year! Good luck (:

  2. Those are great resolutions! Your description of your job. THE. BEST. Keep us posted on your 2015 journey!
    XOXO Love and Doves

  3. It actually makes me LOL whenever I hear the phrase "NEW YEAR. NEW ME".

    But have to admit, when a new year starts, it's easier to reflect back on the previous year and you can really think about what changes you'd like to make.

    I'm really bad on the drinking water thing to, I did improve last year but would like to get better with it.

    Good luck on your goals m'dear!



  4. fab resolutions! good luck with the job hunt especially, life is definitely too short to be having your soul sucked out by dementors x

  5. What a great post. Here's to you '2.0' as you put it so well. Love it!

    Sarah |